First year EEE Students Embark on Educational Tour to Space Research Museum

Students from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at RCET went on an enriching educational tour visiting the Space Research Museum, Veli Tourist Village, Lulu Mall and Kovalam Beach on June 18, 2024. The diverse itinerary aimed to provide both academic insights and recreational experiences.

The day began with a visit to the Space Research Museum, located within the ISRO campus. Students explored various exhibits that showcased India’s impressive strides in space technology. They learned about the intricacies of satellite technology, rocket engineering and the significant missions that have marked India’s presence in space exploration. This visit provided a practical perspective on how electrical and electronics engineering principles are applied in the development of space instruments and systems.

Following the museum, the group visited Veli Tourist Village, a popular destination known for its scenic beauty and boating facilities. The visit allowed students to unwind and enjoy the tranquil environment and appreciate the engineering aspects of the village’s infrastructure.

The next stop was Lulu Mall, Asia’s largest shopping mall. While primarily a recreational visit, it also served as a lesson in modern commercial architecture and the integration of advanced electrical systems in large-scale constructions.

The tour concluded at the picturesque Kovalam Beach. Here, students had the opportunity to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of one of Kerala’s most famous beaches. The visit to Kovalam Beach was a perfect end to the day’s activities, offering a blend of leisure and an appreciation of natural coastal environments.

Faculty members emphasized the importance of such tours in providing holistic educational experiences. “This tour was designed to offer our students a mix of academic learning and relaxation,” said Mr.Vettivel, faculty advisor, of 1st year EEE who  accompanied the team . “Visiting the Space Research Museum provided valuable insights into the application of their studies, while the other destinations offered a chance to enjoy and reflect on their experiences.” said Dr. Shamna Beegum who was also with the team.

Overall, the tour was a successful blend of education and recreation, providing the EEE students with memorable experiences and valuable insights.

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