CSE-A Students Visit A.K Info Park, Filter House, and Mukkadal Dam

Sixty students from the CSE-A department of RCET embarked on an educational visit to A.K Info Park, Filter House, and Mukkadal Dam in Nagercoil, on June 11, 2024. The students were accompanied by faculty members J. Jesse Pius and Dr. Jabash Samuel.

The visit began at A.K Info Park, where students were introduced to the latest developments in the information technology sector. They engaged in interactive sessions that provided insights into current IT trends, software development processes, and career opportunities in the tech industry. This firsthand exposure to the workings of a modern IT park offered the students a practical perspective on their academic curriculum and future professional paths.

Following the visit to A.K Info Park, the group proceeded to the Filter House in Nagercoil. Where students learned about the essential processes involved in water filtration and treatment. They were shown the various stages of water purification and the technologies used to ensure safe drinking water. This visit highlighted the importance of clean water and the role of engineering solutions in public health and environmental management.

The final destination was the scenic Mukkadal Dam. Students explored the engineering principles behind dam construction and water resource management. The dam’s serene environment also provided a perfect setting for students to relax and reflect on the day’s learnings.

Faculty member J. Jesse Pius expressed gratitude for the opportunity to organize this visit, stating, “This educational tour provided our students with a comprehensive understanding of both IT and environmental engineering practices. We are thankful to the management for their support.”

Dr. Jabas added, “The practical insights gained from these visits will undoubtedly enrich our students’ academic experience and motivate them to pursue excellence in their respective fields.”

The visit to A.K Info Park, Filter House, and Mukkadal Dam offered the CSE-A students a well-rounded educational experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications.

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