First year Engineering Students Embark on Industrial Visit

Industrial visits play a crucial role in bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical implementation. It allows students to witness first-hand the processes and technologies relevant to their fields of study, enhancing their overall educational experience. The Science and Humanities Department of Rohini College of Engineering and Technology organized Industrial Visits for the first year Engineering students of all streams.

On 18 November, 2023, first-year students from the Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering accompanied by faculty members, undertook an industrial visit to the fully automated Bisleri water plant in Vaagaikulam and the District Science Center in Tirunelveli.

A total of 44 Civil Engineering students and 47 Mechanical Engineering students were exposed to the intricacies of the production process of bottled mineral water. Led by the enthusiastic faculty team, including Dr. T. Jani Shubha- AsP/ Chemistry,  Dr. Rejinis- AsP/ Chemistry,  Dr. V. S. Mathusuresh, – Prof/ Mathematics, and Dr. Lakshmi Devi – Prof/ English, the students gained valuable insights into the technology and operations involved in producing high-quality bottled water.

The production process, as explained by Dr. T. Jani Shubha, involves several critical stages: Water Diversion & Aeration, Primary Filtration, Precision Filtration, Sterilization, Filling, and finally, Inspection & Packaging. The visit not only provided theoretical knowledge but also offered a practical understanding of the advanced machinery and automation used in the industry.

The students also visited the District Science Center in Tirunelveli, further enhancing their understanding of scientific principles through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Students from the first year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering  and Agriculture Engineering Departments embarked an Industrial Visit to John Brother’s Aqua Cool, located in Simon Colony, Reethapuram  of  Kanyakumari District on 25 November, 2023.

Under the guidance of Dr. S. Rathika,HoD / Chemistry ,  Mrs. G. Suganthi, AP/ Chemistry,  Mrs. G. Praveena, AP/ Mathematics  and Mr. Nagarajan, AP/ Mathematics  

 50 students from the Department of Agriculture Engineering and 55 students from the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Engineering had the opportunity to explore the facilities at John Brother’s Aqua Cool. The IV aimed to expose students to real-world applications and provide insights into the industry’s operational aspects.

During the visit, the team had the privilege to meet Mr. John Bosco, the Managing Director of John Brother’s Aqua Cool. This interaction offered them a valuable opportunity to gain industry perspectives directly from a seasoned professional.

First-year students from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE A)   had the unique opportunity to embark on an industrial visit to the Thermal Power Plant in Thoothukudi. The visit, organized on December 2, 2023, aimed to provide students with insights into the functioning of a vital component of the power sector.

Accompanied by dedicated faculty members, Dr. J. Jesse Pius- HoD/Physics ,  Mrs. Blani – AP/CSE, and Mr. Nagarajan – AP/Mathematics , the 56 CSE students delved into the intricacies of power generation and distribution. The visit not only offered theoretical knowledge but also allowed students to witness the practical application of concepts studied in the classroom.

Dr. J. Jesse Pius, sharing thoughts on the significance of such industrial visits, emphasized how firsthand exposure to operational environments enhances students’ understanding and paves the way for a more comprehensive learning experience.

The Tuticorin Thermal Power Plant tour provided students with a glimpse into the complex processes involved in power generation, emphasizing the role of technology and engineering in meeting energy demands. Such experiences play a crucial role in preparing students for the challenges and innovations they may encounter in their careers, said, Mr. Nagarajan

63 First-year students from the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering also visited the same destination on the same day with Dr.Rejinis – AsP/ Chemistry ,Mrs.Bhagavathiammal – AP/ CSE and Ms.Renuka Devi – Lecturer / EEE

48 Students from first year EEE also visited R.J Iceplant , Colachel and Jeppiar Fishing Harbour , Muttom on the same day [2/12/2023]. They were accompanied by their class advisor Mr.C.Vettivel -AP/Physics and Dr.Anusha Devi – AsP/ Mathematics.

On December 23, 2023, 54 students and 4 faculty members from the first year  Department of Biomedical Engineering at an undisclosed institute embarked on a visit to FOG Health Care Centre in Thirunelveli. Led by Mrs. Muthammal – AP/ Maths , Mrs. Swapna – AP/ English, Dr. V. S. Mathu Suresh- Professor & Head / Maths, and Dr. Varatharajan- Head/ English, the group aimed to gain insights into the cutting-edge medical equipment employed at the healthcare facility.

The visit provided students with a hands-on experience, allowing them to understand the functioning and significance of various medical devices, including diagnostic devices, imaging tools, and therapeutic instruments. Dr. Varatharajan,highlighted the relevance of these technologies in the field of biomedical engineering and their impact on modern healthcare practices.

Dr. V. S. Mathu Suresh, emphasized the importance of exposing Bio Medical students to diverse healthcare settings to broaden their understanding of the industry.

The visit to FOG Health Care Centre not only offered valuable insights into the functionality of medical equipment but also permitted students to witness the seamless integration of technology in healthcare, further inspiring them in their academic and professional pursuits.

49 students of  First Year CSE B visited Space Museum, Vikram Sarabhai Space Research Centre, Trivandrum to explore the advancements in space research and technology on 10 January 2024 .The IV provided insight into the cutting-edge developments in space research and technology.The students were guided through the Space Museum,by an expert, gaining knowledge about space missions, satellite technologies, and scientific innovations. Session was interactive cum engaging and students were given opportunities to clarify their doubts. The team also got an opportunity to watch a film show about ISRO. The team visited Veli Church and Veli Tourist Village also.

The Class in Charge, Dr. Shamna Beegum.S – AsP / English ,First-year Coordinator Dr. Mathu Suresh, Mr. Nagarajan/AP- Maths , and Mrs. Padmaja – Lecturer /CSE accompanied the team.

RCET continues to encourage such initiatives, fostering a learning environment that prepares students for the challenges of their respective industries