Mr. Gopinath’s Inspirational Impact : The Induction Program for First-Year Engineering Students

The induction programme for the first year graduants of 2023 -27 batch was conducted from 10/09/2023 to 17/09/2023 with a multitude of sessions and resource persons from the various fields.

The inauguration of the batch was conducted on 10/09/2023. Honourable Managing Director of the college Dr. Blessy Geo lighted the ‘kuthuvilakku’ and inaugurated the programme.

The Principal of the institution Dr. Rajesh delivered the presidential address and stressed the importance of Science and technology in day to day life. Dr.S.Rathika, AsP, & Head of the department – Chemistry  explained about the campus. The First year co ordinator and Head of the department of Mathematics Dr.MathuSuresh introduced the class advisors and mentors of all the sections. Dr.S.Shamna Beegum, AsP-English eloborated the code of conduct at RCET.

The second day started with the session Goal setting-Expection of Family peace, Society & Nation by Mrs.Krishna Veni ,HoD,AGRI , Dr.Micheal Raveena,ASP,CSE , Mrs.Jasmine Sheeja,HoD,Biomedical , Dr.Sahaya Ruben,HoD,CIVIL , Mrs.Sahila Devi,HoD,CSE , Mrs.Haseena Beevi,AP,CSE , Dr.Mohana Lekshmi, HoD,ECE , Dr.Samharison,HoD,EEE , Dr.Prince Sahaya Sudarson,HoD,MECH  for S1Agriculture,S1AI, S1Biomedical, S1Civil, S1CSE A, S1CSE B, S1ECE, S1EEE,S1MECH respectively

The afternoon session was Science In Modern Life by Dr.Arul Prakash Jerald, 

Former Director at Kerala State Science &Technology, University of Kerala Priyadharshini Planetarium.

Dr.Rathika,AsP&HoD,Chemistry ,Dr.Lekshmi,Professor,English,Mrs.Mrs.Bagavathiammal,AP,CSE ,Dr.T.JaniSubha, AsP,Chemistry ,Dr.Jesse Pius,ASP &HoD,Physics ,Dr. S. Shamna Beegum, AsP, English, Mrs.Swapna,AP,English,Dr.Rejinish,AsP,Chemistry handled the first session Self-Management on 12/09/2023 for S1Agriculture, S1AI, S1Biomedical, S1 Civil, S1 CSE –A, S1 CSE –B combined with S1 ECE, S1 EEE, S1 MECH respectively.

The second session of the day Higher Education & Opportunities and Challenges  was offered by Ms.Anjali,AP/AGRI ,Mrs.Abisha,AP/CSE ,Dr.Daniel Jackson, AP,CSE ,Mrs.Reno Infanto,AP,CIVIL ,Dr.Sumi,ASP,ECE ,Dr.Amutha Priya,ASP,EEE ,Dr.Sahaya Francis Britto ASP,MECH  for S1 Agriculture

S1 AI, S1Biomedical, S1 Civil, S1 ECE, S1 EEE and S1 MECH respectively. A parallel session of Management Games was concucted for CSE A and B by Mrs.Lekshmi, AP, MBA and Dr.Ananth, AsP, MBA respectively

Afternoon Agricultural Engineering students had Agri Field Visit with Mr.ArunPandiyan,AP,Agri , Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,AP,Civil , Bio Medical Engineering students had Journey to Library with Mrs.Muthammal,AP,Maths , ECE and EEE had Campus Visit with Mrs.Thangam,AP,Physics , Dr.Jency Pratheesha,AP,English, Mr.Vetrivel,AsP,Physics  , Mechanical students had Physical education with Mr.Sabarish Godwin, Physical Director 

 and AI and Civil students had Management Games with Dr.Premsankari,HoD, MBA and Mrs.George Mary Arthi,AP,MBA respectively . CSE A & B had Higher Education & Opportunities and Challenges with Mrs.Devi Vishalatchi AP, CSE and Mrs.Shymala Gowri,AP,CSE  respectively

Renowned Anchor cum Motivational Speaker Mr. Gopinath [ Vijay TV – Neeya Naana Fame ], delivered an electrifying session on the “Way to Success.” The event took place on 13/09/2023, and it left a lasting impact on the audience. Mr. Gopinath’s dynamic and engaging speaking style immediately captured the audience’s attention. His ability to connect with the audience was evident throughout the session.

One of the central themes of the session was the importance of goal setting. Mr. Gopinath emphasized that setting clear and achievable goals is a crucial step on the path to success.

Mr. Gopinath also stressed the significance of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges. He encouraged the audience to view setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning and highlighted the role of a positive mindset in achieving success. He discussed strategies for cultivating a growth mindset and overcoming self-doubt. The audience’s response to Mr. Gopinath’s session was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were inspired, motivated, and left with a renewed sense of purpose. Many participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to hear such an influential speaker.

Dr.Glarance Davi, Principal,Government Ayurvedha College, Kanyakumari gave a vibrant session during afternoon about Healthy Lifestyle. The District Officer, 

Fire & Service Dept, Nagercoil gave a session and demonstration on fire and Safety and First Aid.

On 14/09/2023 Dr.Saviour Dhas , Director, Malankara Community College, Mariagiri  engaged AI,Biomedical,CSE B, ECE with his session Relationship & Gratitude towards  Parents & teachers at Opulent Hall.The same day after noon he met CSEA and CIVIL Engineering students with the same topic  at  Palatial Hall .

CSE A and CIVIL had a parallel session ‘Self Confidence and Self Awareness’ with Dr.Francis Xavier , Dept of Tamil St.Xavier’s Arts &Science College  Palayamkottai in the morning and AI, Biomedical, CSE B,  ECE  A had the same session in the afternoon at Opulent hall.

A parallel session ‘Power of Success’ was conducted at the IMPERIAL HALL, by Dr.Regunath, Psychiatrist,Chennai for the students of MECH,EEE,AGRI

15/09/2023 started with the Session ‘Success Mision of Space Technology’ by Dr.Kannu,Senior Scientist,  Indian Space Research Organization .

He explained in detail the history of rocekets  ,how the  activities ISRO has turned to be a Giant Leap to Mankind, the applications of Space Technology, the prestigious missions of ISRO and the Steps to Human Space Programme of ISRO. His anecdotes and personal experiences when shared left the audience a positive energy to handle anything and everything patiently

The session Get Ready for Analytical Thinking was offered to all the students by various resource persons simultaneously. Mrs.Praveena, AP,Maths Mrs.Muthammal, AP,Maths ,Dr.Senthil Vel Murugan,ASP,Maths Mr.Aneesh,AP,Maths ,Mrs.Anuja,AP,CSE ,Mr.Siva Kumar AP,CSE 

Dr.Mathu Suresh,I year Co-Ordinator, Dept.of MathsMrs.Blanie Scrimshaw William,AP,CSEMr.Nagarajan,AP,Maths acted as resource persons for S1Agriculture, S1AI,S1Biomedical,S1Civil,S1CSE A,S1CSE B,S1MECH,S1EEE,S1ECE respectively. The last session Solving the Complex Problem with Practical Approach 

(Hands on Demonstration) was handled by Mr.P.Vengadesan AP – AGRI Mrs.Meenakshi Ammal, AP – CSE ,Mrs.Susmitha, AP – Biomedical,  Dr.Suthan Kumar AP – CIVIL ,Mrs.Haseena Bevi AP – CSE ,Mrs.Vahitha.K.Thangam HoD – MCA,  Dr.Reji, ASP – ECE , Mr.Gopa Kumar AP – EEE , Dr.Kailainathan AsP,MECH for S1Agriculture, S1AI,S1Biomedical,S1Civil,S1CSE A,S1CSE B, S1ECE,S1EEE,S1MECH respectively

The last two days were exclusively dedicated to prepare the assignments and report of the induction programme.

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