Spectra 2022: Transforming the ordinary to Extraordinary

SPECTRA was conducted to increase the spirit of competition and achievement in an ethical and cultured campus environment. This in turn increases the quality of human resources. Knowing the value of every individual , Department of Management Studies organized the 7th day of Spectra, Intra College Technical fest with loads of technical and non-technical events and Pop up stalls.

With the aim to showcase the talent of generating new business ideas with innovation and technology in addition with the passion, Spectra was organized. The inaugural session was taken over by Ms.Ashvini Sarawathi, Lead- Human Resources, Bosch Ltd., Tirunelveli, Who guided the students on Interview handling techniques. The session was interactive and beneficial to the outgoing students.

The management fest aimed to foster students’ competitive nature and test their business knowledge, abilities, and talents. It combined a number of events from the marketing, human resources, financial, and analytics fields to bring out the best in participants in managed and simulated situations. This festival strikes the perfect balance between responsibility, accountability, celebration, and enjoyment because it was developed, planned, and carried out entirely by students of Management Studies department. Other departments students participated in the celebration, bringing the campus to life on the day of the event.

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