First-Year Civil Engineering Students Visit Mambalathuraiyar Dam and Mathur Aqueduct

First-year Civil Engineering students from RCET embarked on an educational visit to the Mambalathuraiyaru Dam and the Mathur Aqueduct, on June 15, 2024. This visit was aimed at providing the students with practical insights into civil engineering marvels and water management infrastructure.

The tour began with a visit to the Mambalathuraiyaru Dam. Students observed the engineering techniques and structural design of the dam, learning about its construction, water management capabilities, and its role in local agriculture and water supply. This hands-on experience helped students understand the complexities involved in dam engineering and water resource management.

Following the dam visit, the group proceeded to the Mathur Aqueduct, a significant civil engineering landmark The Mathur Aqueduct, known for its impressive length and height, stands as a testament to advanced engineering and construction practices. Students were briefed on the historical and technical aspects of the aqueduct, including its design, construction challenges, and the materials used. The visit provided a comprehensive understanding of large-scale water conveyance systems and their importance in civil engineering.

The students expressed their gratitude to the management, Principal, First Year Coordinator, and faculty members Dr. Rejinis and Mr. Godwin (Physical Director) for their extraordinary support and for facilitating this valuable learning opportunity. “This visit has been an eye-opener for our students and We are thankful for the chance which has greatly enriched our educational experience.” said Dr.JaniShuba, class advisor of 1st year Civil Engineering who accompanied the team

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