National Science Day 2024 Celebration at RCET

Intended to foster a spirit of scientific inquiry and innovation among students and faculty members The Science Club at Rohini College of Engineering and Technology (RCET) organized a vibrant celebration in honour of National Science Day 2024 on 28 February 2024 in collaboration with ECO CLUB and INSTITUTION INNOVATION COUNCIL of RCET. Students, faculty and other members from neighbourhood schools and colleges visited the event which turned to be a testament to the institution’s commitment to promoting scientific curiosity and innovation.

The Medicinal Plant Expo organized by the Science Club in collaboration with the Eco Club was a resounding success, attracting a large number of participants and garnering positive feedback from attendees. The event served as a valuable platform for promoting awareness about the importance of medicinal plants in healthcare and environmental conservation.

The engaging and informative Medicinal Plant Expo featured an impressive display of various medicinal plants, each accompanied by detailed information regarding its health benefits, traditional uses, and ecological significance, showcased the importance of medicinal plants in promoting human health and preserving the environment

 The expo provided a unique opportunity for students, faculty, and visitors to learn about the rich diversity of medicinal plants and their role in traditional and modern healthcare practices.

The Expo on Innovative Products organized by the Science Club in association with the Institution Innovation Council was a resounding success, showcasing the immense talent, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of RCETians. The event served as a catalyst for fostering innovation, collaboration, and industry engagement within the RCET community, laying the foundation for future endeavours in the realms of technology, entrepreneurship, and societal impact. It provided a platform for RCETians to exhibit their inventive creations, spanning various fields such as technology, engineering, design, and entrepreneurship. The event served as a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship within the RCET community, inspiring students to explore their creativity and pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

The Co Ordinator of   Science Club   Dr,Jesi Pius, HoD /Physics , expressed heartfelt thanks to the esteemed leadership of RCET, including the Chairman, Pro Chairman, Managing Director, Principal, and Vice Principal. “Their unwavering support and encouragement provided the platform to celebrate National Science Day with enthusiasm and fervour,” said Dr,Jesi Pius.She also extended Special recognition is t Dr. Benisha, the IIC Convener, for her invaluable guidance and support throughout the planning and execution phases of the event.she expressed  gratitude  to Dr. V.M. Mathu Suresh, the First-Year Coordinator, and Dr. Radhika, the First-Year Chemistry HOD, for their exemplary leadership and dedication.

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