The inaugural ceremony was arranged in Imperial Hall of Mechanical Department. Our Honourable chairman Shri.K. NEELAMARTHANDAN, Pro-Chairman Dr. N. NEELA VISHNU, Managing Director Dr.V.M.BLESSY GEO has inaugurated the programme. Then the presidential address was given by our respected Principal Dr.R.RAJESH. In his presidential address, he gave motivation to students. Our beloved Head of Mechanical Department Dr.D.PRINCE SAHAYA SUDHERSON introduced the resource person Mr.L.CARDINAL STANLEY RAJ ,Director BRYAN’S Academy Nagercoil Dr.Sagai Francis Britto,  III year in charge coordinated the programme. The programme was about soft skill on demand conducted on 10 may 2023.

Soft skills can tell a lot about how a candidate will interact in the workplace, how they might react under pressure, or what their professional potential is. As such, a lot of employers prioritize hiring employees with the right soft skills over hard skills. But which soft skills are really important, and which ones are less so?

In 2023, the most in-demand soft skills are as follows:
Time management,Communication, Adaptability, Problem solving,Teamwork,Creativity,Leadership, Interpersonal skills, Work ethic.

Attention to detail around 220 students and 20 faculty members were participated in the programme. At the end of the programme , students from each class gave feedback regarding the session. The management appreciated the programme committee members for the successive conduction of the programme.

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