First-Year Departments Embark on Educational Industrial Visits: Exploring Water Treatment and Dam Infrastructure

In a bid to provide practical exposure and bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-world applications, the first-year departments of RCET embarked on a series of educational industrial visits. The visits, spanning from December 19 to December 21, 2022, encompassed significant locations, including a water treatment plant in Arumanallur, Krishnancoil, and the Mukkadal Dam.

These field visits were meticulously organized by the Department of Chemistry, RCET to broaden students’ horizons and provide hands-on insights into the various facets of their respective disciplines. The visits allowed students to witness the implementation of theoretical concepts in actual operational environments, enhancing their understanding and knowledge base.

The first stop on this educational journey was the water treatment plant located in Arumanallur, Krishnancoil. During this visit, students had the opportunity to observe the intricate processes involved in purifying water for consumption. The visit not only shed light on the technical aspects of water treatment but also emphasized the critical role of maintaining water quality for public health and environmental conservation.

Subsequently, the educational odyssey led the students to the Mukkadal Dam, a remarkable piece of infrastructure that holds significance in water management and conservation. Here, the students gained first hand insights into dam operations, water resource management, and the crucial role dams play in maintaining water availability for agriculture, industry, and communities.

“The industrial visits were a valuable extension of our classroom learning,” expressed the participants of the Industrial Visit. “Seeing the practical applications of what we study in theory helps solidify our understanding and ignites our curiosity to explore more.” They added….

The significance of these industrial visits extends beyond academic enrichment. They also encourage students to connect with real-world challenges, understand the intricacies of industrial processes, and appreciate the impact of their chosen fields on society and the environment.

“These visits are an integral part of our pedagogical approach, designed to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education. Witnessing the practical implementations of concepts enhances their learning experience and prepares them for the professional world”, commented Dr.Jani Shubha, Associate Professor of the organising department

As the students return from these educational trips, they carry with them a deeper understanding of the industries they are studying and a renewed enthusiasm to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. These industrial visits serve as a testament to RCET’s commitment to holistic education and experiential learning.

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