Exploring AI Horizons: RCET’s Science and Humanities Department Hosts Hands-On Training on CHAT GPT and AI Tools

Exploring AI Horizons: RCET’s Science and Humanities Department Hosts Hands-On Training on CHAT GPT and AI Tools

 On July 11th, 2023, the Department of Science and Humanities at RCET organized an engaging two-day hands-on training program centered around “CHAT GPT and AI Tools.” The training, aimed at first-year Mechanical Engineering students, was facilitated by Mr. Karthikeyan.K, the CEO of Hion Studios, Chennai. The program provided students with a practical understanding of AI technologies and their applications in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

The training program delved into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, focusing on CHAT GPT and its relevance to engineering and technology. Mr. Karthikeyan.K, an expert in the field of AI, shared his insights and expertise with the students.

The training was aimed to introduce students to AI concepts and showcase their practical applications as AI is transforming the landscape of various industries, including Mechanical Engineering.

During the two-day program, students engaged in hands-on activities, interactive sessions, and discussions that demystified AI concepts and tools. They explored the capabilities of CHAT GPT and learned how AI technologies can be harnessed to solve complex engineering challenges and streamline processes. Understanding how AI can be integrated into Mechanical Engineering is both exciting and enlightening and the sessions opened up a new world of possibilities

The interactive nature of the training made the students actively participate, ask questions, and engage with the content. The program not only introduced students to AI but also inspired them to explore the potential of AI in their future endeavours.

The conveners of the programme Dr. T. Jani Subha,Associate Professor – Chemistry, Mrs. Thangam, Assistant Professor – Physics and Mr. Aneesh, Assistant Professor – Mathematics expressed their gratitude to our honourable Chairman,Pro Chairman and Managing Director for the opportunity given  to organize the programme. They also thanked the Principal  and Dr.Madhu Suresh Head/ Department of Science and Humanities  who motivated and supported them  for the success of the  event. They also thanked Dr. Prince, HoD/ Mechanical Department for the arrangements made  in CAD lab , the training program venue.

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