Exploring Solar Power and Hybrid Vehicles: Guest Lecture by Lion Prince Paul Raj at RCET

The Department of Chemistry at RCET organized an illuminating guest lecture on February 27th, 2023, focusing on solar energy and its applications, as well as the realm of hybrid vehicles. The session was conducted by Lion Prince Paul Raj, the Managing Director of Blueberry Industries, Nagercoil. The lecture delved into the exciting potential of solar energy and the innovative technology behind hybrid vehicles.

Lion Prince Paul Raj, a prominent figure in the field of sustainable technologies, brought his expertise and insights to the lecture. With an engaging presentation, he shed light on the importance of solar power as a clean and renewable energy source, as well as its various applications in both domestic and industrial contexts.

The lecture also touched upon the revolutionary concept of hybrid vehicles, which combine traditional internal combustion engines with electric propulsion systems. Lion Prince Paul Raj elaborated on the environmental benefits of hybrid vehicles, including reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. He also discussed the latest advancements in hybrid technology and the role it plays in the global transition towards greener transportation solutions.

Guest lectures are instrumental in exposing students to cutting-edge technologies and their applications.They provide students with valuable insights that can inspire them to explore new avenues and contribute to sustainable innovations.

Lion Prince Paul Raj’s presentation was both informative and thought-provoking. The lecture not only expanded their knowledge but also encouraged them to contemplate the impact of their choices on the environment and society.

The guest lecture by Lion Prince Paul Raj emphasised RCET’s commitment to providing students with opportunities to engage with industry experts and gain insights into emerging technologies. By fostering connections between academia and the professional world, the institution equips students with the knowledge and perspective needed to contribute meaningfully to society.

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