Empowering the Future: First-Year Batch of 2022-23 Commences Academic Journey with Inspiring Induction Program

The academic year for the first-year batch of 2022-23 at RCET commenced on November 7, 2022, with a week-long induction program aimed at providing students with the necessary tools, insights, and motivation to embark on their academic journey. The induction week included a series of insightful sessions, culminating in an array of motivational and value-driven talks by esteemed guest speakers.

The induction program was designed to offer students a holistic introduction to college life and foster a mindset of excellence, ambition, and personal growth. The sessions were carefully curated to cover a diverse range of topics, from professional success to personal development, imparting valuable life lessons to the prospective Engineers.

The induction week commenced on 7 November with a thought-provoking motivational program on “Mind Setting,” delivered by Dr. Surendran, the Head of the Department of Sociology at S.T Hindu College Nagercoil. His insightful discourse aimed to instill a positive and growth-oriented mindset among the students, setting the tone for the weeks ahead.

Continuing the momentum, on 8 November, Dr. Saviour Dhas, Former HoD of English at St. Jude’s College, Thoothoor, shared an inspirational speech on “How to Become a Top Professional like G.M, CEO, in a Company.” His talk offered students valuable insights into the qualities and traits that lead to success in the professional world.

The following day, November 9, was allotted for an orientation program on “Value of Values” conducted by   Dr. Umayoru Bagam, a Syndicate member of M.S University, Tirunelveli. Dr. Bagam’s session emphasized the importance of ethical and moral values in shaping one’s character and achieving success.

Mrs. Anna Bharathy, a prominent Tamil Anchor and debate speaker, took the stage on November 10 to deliver a motivational speech on “How to Become Ready for Industry.” Her talk highlighted the skills and attributes necessary to thrive in the competitive industry landscape.

The induction week concluded on November 11 with a session of Dr.S.Mangaiyarkarasi,Assistant Professor of English,S.T.Hindu College,Nagercoil on the topic Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality” and a training program on “Yoga – A Way to Life” conducted by Dr. S. Santham Geetha, an accomplished yoga trainer . The session underscored the importance of holistic well-being and the role of yoga in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping up the series of sessions on November 15, Dr. A. Kaliyamurthy, former Superintendent of Police in Tamil Nadu, delivered an orientation program on “Life as Per Thoughts.” His talk explored the impact of thoughts on shaping one’s life journey and decisions.

The induction week provided an enriching and empowering start to the academic journey of the first-year 2022 -23 batch, setting the stage for a transformative learning experience and personal growth.

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